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Only OpenSource wrote:
Hello all

I want to learn assembly language properly so that I can understand
FreeBSD assembly code.
Which assembler do I need to use : as or nasm.

Yes. :)

Here's something I just posted elsewhere - not really the same question, but maybe close enough...


MQ wrote:

> Noway2 wrote:
>> Sam wrote:
>>>> Can anyone recommend a tutorial on NASM syntax (other than Dr. Paul
>>>> Carter's ?) Or any assembler book using NASM syntax? I'm shifting from
>>>> gas to nasm -- that's why.
>>>> thanks.
>>> I'm new to assembler and thought I'd learn (g)as since GNU puts out a
>>> ton of other development tools. Why are you shifting to NASM? Since I'm
>>> fresh into learning assembler I might want to make the shift also...
>> The fact that the gnu assembler syntax is awful probably has a lot to
>> do with it.
> yes, gas uses AT&T syntax, which is a pile of steaming manure...

Recent versions of Gas, perhaps not available for djgpp(?), have an ".intel_syntax noprefix" switch, which produces *less* steam.

It wasn't added for gcc's convenience, so the argument that Gas is "only fit for gcc's output" is no longer true. (although it *was*, at one time!!!)

I'm one of Nasm's biggest fans, and I don't think you'll go far wrong choosing Nasm... *but*... Nasm doesn't have 64-bit support, and isn't likely to, soon. Gas (and Fasm and Yasm) do. This might influence your decision!

Why not become "bilingual"? I can't *write* anything in Gas without making a lot of syntax errors, but I can read it and figure out what it's doing... usually. Pretty handy to have *some* familiarity with both! (Fasm and Yasm are similar enough to Nasm that they almost come free... couple subtleties...)

As far as a tutorial... other than Dr. Carter's... Maybe:

This last is brand new - mostly in Italian (except for the code, which is in Intel), but being translated to English "as we speak" - and the guy is looking for help!

Seems to me there are a couple more - I can't find links right now - none of 'em as extensive as Dr. Carter's...

is a good place to look for info and links...


P.S. For BSD, add the BSD Developer's Handbook, chapter... 17, I think? You can find it. *Very* good!

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