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leslie.polzer@xxxxxxx wrote:
On Fri, Mar 10, 2006 at 12:18:55PM -0800, Tim Hoolihan wrote:

I posted some info on my sight about hla, and was curious if anyone
on here has tried it? I've used mainly gas and nasm, but this seems a
convenient way to use them.

HLA is an educational tool used in the book "The Art Of Assembly".
  I don't think anyone uses it in serious production.

What assemblers do folks use for "serious production"?

While HLA *is* designed as an educational tool, it's pretty "powerful", and would be suitable for "serious production" if you wanted to.

  Besides, IMHO it's quite ugly :D

Well... beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I wholeheartedly agree, though! :)

Regarding Tim's correction to the install doc: Good point! That's new - the last version wanted you to be in /usr. This one wants /. Best to check. I don't think Randy's got the "packaging" for Linux down pat. I add version numbers when I download 'em, for example...

I haven't used HLA much. I don't crave the kind of "power" it offers, and... okay, it's ugly. Since it will produce code that will run on *either* Windows or Linux, I think it's an "interesting" tool/toy. It's the HLA Standard Library that allows it, of course. Ported to Windows and Linux, with more OSen planned. We can call the C library, of course, but some people might prefer a library written in asm (HLA, to be sure, but recognizably asm). Call it, or read it to find out how things might be done - I do more of the latter. :)


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