Re: [rtc-linux] [PATCH V4] drivers: rtc: Add support for Qualcomm PMIC8xxx RTC

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On 06/07/2011 05:32 PM, Andrew Morton wrote:
> On Fri, 27 May 2011 10:26:18 +0530
> Anirudh Ghayal <aghayal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> This patch adds support for PMIC8xxx based RTC.
>> PMIC8xxx is Qualcomm's power management IC that
>> internally houses an RTC module. This driver
>> communicates with the PMIC module over SSBI bus.
> x86_64 allmodconfig:
> drivers/rtc/rtc-pm8xxx.c: In function 'pm8xxx_rtc_probe':
> drivers/rtc/rtc-pm8xxx.c:400: error: implicit declaration of function 'mfd_get_data'
> drivers/rtc/rtc-pm8xxx.c:400: warning: initialization makes pointer from integer without a cast
> A tree-wide grep in 3.0-rc2 for "mfd_get_data" shows no definition,
> although ./drivers/input/keyboard/pmic8xxx-keypad.c and
> ./drivers/input/misc/pmic8xxx-pwrkey.c are calling it.
> What's happening here?

Samuel, this looks like it (92d57a7) was added to your branch after the
mfd_get_data cleanup (ba279f5).  Trilok/Anirudh, would you please send
Samuel a patch to clean up this compilation error?  Thanks.

- Bryan

$ git log --oneline --graph 9f1912c48ce829d24789e3e5d499de0d44d3306a
*   9f1912c Merge branch 'for-next' of
| * 0996910 regulator: Fix 88pm8607.c printk format warning
| * 92d57a7 input: Add support for Qualcomm PMIC8XXX power key
| * 39325b5 input: Add Qualcomm pm8xxx keypad controller driver
| * 7e6502d mfd: Add omap-usbhs runtime PM support
| * 74e32d1 mfd: Fix ASIC3 SD Host Controller Configuration size
| * d910774 mfd: Fix omap_usbhs_alloc_children error handling
| * 6eb6fbb mfd: Fix omap usbhs crash when rmmoding ehci or ohci
| * 13ca4f6 mfd: Add ASIC3 LED support
| * 7d9e7e9 leds: Add ASIC3 LED support
| * 4a7c00c mfd: Update twl4030-code maintainer e-mail address
| * ed13941 mfd: Correct the name and bitmask for ab8500-gpadc BTempPullUp
| * c9c9513 mfd: Add manual ab8500-gpadc batt temp activation for AB8500 3.0
| * 863dde5 mfd: Provide ab8500-core enumerators for chip cuts
| * eac78a2 mfd: Check twl4030-power remove script error condition after
| * 6523b14 mfd: Fix twl6030 irq definitions
| * 521d8ec mfd: Add phoenix lite (twl6025) support to twl6030
| * 586e1a1 mfd: Avoid to use constraint name in 88pm860x regulator driver
| * ebf9988 mfd: Remove checking on max8925 regulator[0]
| * cea438d mfd: Remove unused parameter from 88pm860x API
| * f5fb758 mfd: Avoid to allocate 88pm860x static platform data
| * 008b304 mfd: Add rtc support to 88pm860x
| * db13c04 regulator: Enable max8925 i2c sequence for control
| * 2402ca5 power_supply: Use max8925 platform_data from cell
| * e6f1945 mfd: Fix tps6586x GPIO value setting
| * ea91db5 MAINTAINERS: Add patterns for pmic 8921 files to MSM subsystem
| * c013f0a mfd: Add pm8xxx irq support
| * cbdb53e mfd: Add Qualcomm PMIC 8921 core driver
| * 1305134 mfd: Group NXP PCF50633* drivers together
| * 37df003 mfd: Group TPSxxxxx power management chips together
| * ca972d1 mfd: TWL5030 version checking in twl-core
| * d7ac829 mfd: Modifying the twl4030-power macro name Main_Ref to all caps
| * 1f968ff mfd: Correct the twl4030-power warning print during script
| * a5156f1 mfd: Fix build warning on 88pm860x
| * 5d76ca3 mfd: Fix wl1273 warning
| * bc86fce mfd: Continue with IRQ setup even if we don't have PMIC main IRQ
| * 0b14c22 mfd: Provide platform data for WM831x GPIO configuration
| * 8997619 mfd: Remove compatibility interface for WM831x specific IRQ API
| * ba279f5 mfd: Remove mfd_data

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