RE: recent udev upgrade failure on alpha

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Hi Bob,

> > (...)
> > I tried then to upgrade the package "udev" (was on hold, to prevent me
> > from making system unbootable), with the hope that the inotify is
> > working with this debian kernel. Unfortunately that's not the case,
> > UDEV complains about missing inotify.
> >
> > So is the patch below already included in some kernel images
> > available? Or does somebody have a recent udev version as .deb
> packages?
> I still have (and am using) my modified "udev" package
> (udev_166-1_alpha.deb: includes the patch you quoted in your original
> message).  I can send it your way if you wish.  In truth, the only thing
> need is "/sbin/udevd" from that package to be operational, and I can send
> you just that piece if you prefer.  Just let me know.

A patch for udev would be the best (do you have it available as a patch),
then I can build a custom udev whenever an update occurs. Do you have it
somewhere on the web/dropbox whatever? But /sbin/udev is also a good choice
for now. Maybe send both as attachment to my private mail. THANKS!

>From it seems that
this is fixed in glibc 2.13-1, unfortunately on debian-ports is only
2.11.2-13. So we have to wait until buildds are working :( Maybe I try to
compile the libc package (hours of waiting included...)

> The underlying problem isn't anything missing in the kernel (at least when
> built from the mainline source): inotify_init1() is definitely
> The problem is the userspace call to inotify_init1() in the current Alpha
> version of libc6.1 is a stub function.  I elected to rebuild the "udev"
> with a valid workaround rather than risk modifying and having to debug
> :-).

I was confused about the whole discussion, thanks for making it clear.


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