RE: [RFC trollpatch 1/1] genirq: Remove the fits all and nothing __do_IRQ() code

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> Did you end up solving this? ia64 iosapic and parisc iosapic still look
> fairly similar... I hit the same issue of ->end() not being called in
> the handle_level_irq path and ended up just folding in the missing bit
> to ->unmask (we were already EOI the IOSAPIC, but missing the EOI for
> the parisc cpu.)


Yes. Take a look in today's linux-next kernel (tag next-20100929)
for commit: 5d4bff94f9e0877a85b4dc573eb7a3f1d97c13ae

Essentially I just added an "unmask_irq()" call into the ->end
routine, renamed it, and used it as ->unmask.

It seems to work okay - I tried migrating interrupts around by
poking at /proc/irq/NNN/smp_affinity - and that still works.

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