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On 16/03/10 18:50, Will L Givens wrote:
It seems the problem, GPREL16, is pretty wide spread. I've tried building
the drivers as modules, since that doesn't appear to be a problem *knock on
wood* but one driver after another, after another, after another generates a
new GPREL16 error! Raid0 drivers, numerous NetFilter modules, IR drivers
(guess I can't use a Hauppauge card), and various other components. I'm
going to try a few more configurations... then hit the sack. I'm pretty sure
this is going to be a long process.

As has been suggested your best bet for help is to post your .config. If you don't want that publicly available then feel free to email it privately to Matt and myself.

FWIW, I have two Hauppauge cards (PVR350 card and a Nova-T-500 DVB-T card) in my Alpha, and have had no problems compiling the kernel, the ivtv modules, the DVB modules, and the IR modules.

If we cannot track down what you are doing differently than the rest of us, then there is little chance we can help you.

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