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Hi all, I've an unusual (for me) problem:

- I'm running RHEL release 3 (taroon). I know, I know. Nothing I can do - it's the application vendor's requirement. - This application also MUST have some Sun MTA installed and running, even if we don't use it - and we don't. This MTA sits on ports SMTP, SSMTP, IMAP and POP, HTTP and HTTPS and provides services to the application only, NOT TO THE OS. - We still need to be able to mail admin stuff such as logwatch and others. RedHat comes with sendmail and we are trying to keep this box as close as possible to default configuration. - The sendmail queue runner by itself is not enough because I can't find a way to make it expand aliases - root messages end up going to root@xxxxxxxxx, which is not where I want them to go.
- Sendmail won't start because the silly Sun app is squatting on port 25.
- If I use DaemonPortOptions to tell sendmail to listen on a different port then I get sendmail to start but I haven't found a way to make the queue runner send to that port on localhost. The runner ends up connecting to port 25, which is the Sun MTA, who proceeds to deny the connection.

Does anybody know how to do one of the following:

- make the sendmail queue runner expand aliases
- make the queue runner send to a port other than 25
- make sendmail behave like in the good old days and forgo the need for the queue runner

Some options that have crossed my mind but which I'm trying to avoid:

- redirect port 25 using iptables
- modify sendmail's source and recompile (ugh)
- give up on sendmail and install exim or postfix or something that can be understood by someone who hasn't read the Bat Book in the last 6 years and who is not particularly inclined to read it again.

Any other ideas?



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