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Thank you everyone for your thoughtful input and suggestions. I thought I'd summarize the replies here so everyone could benefit:

Suggested technical solutions: I will be considering them all in the near future:

- ACLs
- Limited root kernels: rsbac and lids
- Samba as opposed to NFS
- Don't forget to secure the network infrastructure
- Treat the network as untrusted and mandate VPN

Other kinds of suggestions: some people (correctly I think) have identified this as not a technical, but a political problem.

- Hire a lawyer and try to fight it out
- Stand up for your rights
- Try to communicate with users in their own terms

Other comments: I appreciate them all and agree with most :)

- This will be a nightmare
- Don't do it
- Quit
- It's your job. Get over it.

Yuri Csapo
Academic Computing & Networking
Colorado School of Mines
Phone:  (303) 273-3503
Fax:      (303) 273-3475
Email:   ycsapo@xxxxxxxxx

Please use the following link to open a service request:
With a PC, I always felt limited
by the software available.
On Unix, I am limited only by my knowledge.
--Peter J. Schoenster
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