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Dermot Paikkos wrote:

> I have a FC4 box with a Samba 3.014. There is one large share 
> configured. I wanted to make a folder within that share un-deleteable 
> but also allow smb users to write files to the folder. I tried
> mkdir myfolder; chmod 777 myyfolder; chattr +i myfolder
> Then from a windows box tried to delete the folder and got permissions 
> denied, so far so good. They I tried to copy a file to the folder and  
> was denied also, not so good.
> I have tried a combinations of +i +a but I can't get the desired effect. 
> Is what I am attempting possible or should I create a new share and use 
> smb.conf to administer the file permissions?

1. "chattr +i" is a blunt instrument; once set, the file or directory
is completely immutable.

2. "chattr +a" doesn't allow appends; it denies everything except
appends, so "chattr +a +i" is equivalent to just "chattr +i".

3. Modifying a directory isn't an "append", so "chattr +a" isn't
useful here.

If filesystem permissions cannot be used (e.g. because both the
directory and its parent need to be writable by the user), you can
still prevent the directory from being deleted by adding a file or
subdirectory which the user cannot delete.

One option is to add a subdirectory, owned by root, writable only by
root, and containing at least one file. The user won't be able to
delete the file as they don't have write permission on the
subdirectory, and a non-empty directory cannot be deleted.

Another option is to just add a file within the directory and use
"chattr +i" on the file.

Glynn Clements <glynn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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