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Mário Gamito wrote:

> I have to create a bootable Live DVD that contains 4 or 5 different
> distros Live CD ISOs images.
> Let's say:
> Live DVD | -> ISO of Linux distro Live CD 1
>          | -> ISO of Linux distro Live CD 2
>          | -> ISO of Linux distro Live CD 3
>          | -> ISO of Linux distro Live CD 4
> The ideia is upon the DVD boot, the user may boot one of the Live ISO CD
> distro, run it normally and eventualy, install it in the HD by it's own
> process.
> Now the big issue:
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> 1) The hard drive of the computers to install the Live DVD don't have
> nothing. They are not even formated;
> 2) The filesystem *must be NTFS* and the distros must be able to install
> over it;
> 3) Having Windows pre installed *is not an option*, *but some DOS
> emulator that supports NTFS is*;
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Please, don't ask the whys for NTFS. This is for my job and not an easy
> task, even for someone who plays along Linux for years.
> I've googled a lot, saw DOSEMU, FreeDOS (doesn't support NTFS, FAT32 at
> the maximum), etc., lots of stuff.
> But I'd also like to hear some feedback on this issue from you gurus.
> My question to you would be how to start:
> A tool - perhaps something that starts by formating the HD in NTFS ?
> Something like FreeDOS but supporting NTFS ?

Avira have an NTFS driver for DOS, but I have no idea if it works with
versions other than MS-DOS.

Glynn Clements <glynn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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