Re: console screen display problem

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I dismissed this idea at first sight. After hammering all the buttons 
I could to get into the BIOS, I saw this setting and presto, it 
works. Thanx Adam. 

On 11 Mar 2008 at 21:06, Adam T. Bowen wrote:

> Dermot Paikkos wrote:
> > I have installed CentOS on an old Toshiba laptop but the console is 
> > not using all the available screen. There is a black border all the 
> > way round the console or X screen. How do you configure the console 
> > size? I did some tests with resizecon but that just changes the 
> > character spacing it did nothing to the display window.
> That option may only be available in your BIOS settings.  On my old HP 
> laptop the option is called "Video Expansion", and when it is enabled it 
> stretches lower resolutions to fit the whole screen.
> Hope that helps.
> Cheers

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