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I have setup sendmail on my RedHat ES V4 and I need to setup sendmail on
this machine as an SMTP relay host only.  It will not receive email, just
send it from the localhost and another host that will send mail via a J2EE

I setup sendmail to accept relaying from other hosts, and I don't recieve
any errors when sending mail from others hosts or the local host (using
sendmail -v <email_address>), but all the emails I send are stuck in the que
and they can't seem to get out.  I tried sending emails to my personal and email accounts, and I receive no error messages,
but when I check the que using  "mailq", I see the following (my real email
address was replayced with (my address)):

l8NJtYPd010475        0 Sun Sep 23 14:55 <root@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
                 (Deferred: Connection timed out with
                                         <(my address)>
l8NK2pNn010766        0 Sun Sep 23 15:02 <root@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
                 (Deferred: Connection timed out with
                                         <(my address)>
l8NKGcw4011501*      48 Sun Sep 23 15:16 <root@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
                 (Deferred: Connection timed out with
                                         <(my address)>

DNS is setup properly because I can ping as well as the
MX addressed above.

Any ideas?


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