Please include commit 8931d9e, acpi fix, to 3.0+ stable

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I noted that commit 8931d9ea78848b073bf299594f148b83abde4a5e added on 
3.3 isn't included on previous stable releases. I think it was supposed
to be added, based on this message on linux-acpi: 

But it wasn't marked as Cc: stable so I guess it went unnoticed. Some 
users with some Asus based mainboards are reporting that this change 
fixs a suspend/resume issue addressed by the ACPI fix: for example and

So based on that I would like to request the change to be included (at 
least to 3.0.y, 3.1.y, 3.2.y, where it "cherry-picks"). I think the
patch also apply to releases previous to 3.0, but it may require some
backport, example for 2.6.32 longterm, if anyone wants I can backport it
if acpi guys can review it.

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