Toshiba Satellite L650D-10J only boots with acpi=off

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I purchased a Toshiba Satellite L650D-10J a few days ago and when I
wanted to install Archlinux I was only able to boot the installer with
acpi=off. The same goes for the installed OS.

I asked on ##kernel on freenode and one guy said I should mail this
issue to this mailing list. And include all the information I have.

This is what I get when I boot without acpi=off:

The system boots normally when I use acpi=off, but the dual-core CPU is
seen as a CPU with one core. And X is slow with starting up and doesn't
shutdown when I close Openbox, but I'm not sure if that's even related.

Here's the dmesg:

And the lspci:

I'm using the stock Archlinux x86_64 kernel (the latest is
at this moment) and the config files can be found here:

If more information is needed, I'll glady provide it.

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