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After a while, my laptop stops recognizing both its battery and ac_adapter. With both the battery fully charged and AC plugged in:

looptop ~ # cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/*
present:                 no
present:                 no
present:                 no
looptop ~ # cat /proc/acpi/ac_adapter/ADP1/*
state:                   off-line

I also stop seeing ACPI events in dmesg.
After a reboot, these files have sane values for a while, but then, in a matter of minutes, something happens and it reverts to the wrong situation as described above. dmesg displays some errors during boot-up, but I don't think it's relevant because the system runs fine for some time after. I have opened a bug in kernel bugzilla and attached every info I could think of.
I have this laptop since about 2.6.22 and it was like that since then, so it's not a regression.
All the similar issues I see in Internet mention MSI laptops.
I will increase the debug level now and see if something interesting pops up. If it does, I'll report back.

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