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RE: Kernel size over 64K: what is needed, how to implement?

>We could take on look on GCC port for 8086, you could find more 
>information about it on this mailing list archive. In fact those GCC 
>patch for 8086 were applied to GCC mainline, but few time after that 
>they were removed.

Hello, I think GCC is the compiler targeted to bigger systems where no problem with memory limit exist.
(there are very similar difference between ELKS and real Linux kernel, ELKS designed with 64kb limit in mind.) We could consider to use SDCC instead, btw from now on SDCC support "named address space"
this feature potentially may add multi data segments executables to ELKS.
Also, It seems to me that all those systems supported by SDCC are very similar to 8088 computer because of their 64kb address space limit.


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