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Re: Kernel size over 64K: what is needed, how to implement?

On 21/02/12 18:24, Juan Perez-Sanchez wrote:
> The suggestion is to use watcom to produce exe files and use the
> tcc4elks utility
> to convert to elks executables.

Allegedly the Watcom linker can produce flat files directly:


ELKS binaries are really simple; IIRC they're just a file header and
then the text and data segments concatenated together. (Anyone got a
link?) It may be possible to persuade the linker to emit them without
needing conversion.

I also see that the Watcom linker can emit ELF and COFF files, but I
don't know whether it can emit the 16-bit versions (which are a rather
esoteric discipline).

What format is the kernel image in?

The hard-to-find Watcom linker manual is here, and the FORMAT directive
is documentated on page 61:


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