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An "ELKS BusyBox" is in progress; 24.5% size savings so far!

I'm pleased to announce my development of a sub-project I am coining "BusyELKS" which serves the same purpose for ELKS that BusyBox does for larger Linux systems. I have spent most of my evening combining the files under elkscmd/sh_utils into a unified binary that executes the requested command based on its invocation name, and the savings just for sh_utils is awesome! Ignoring the "uname" tool which currently does not compile, the binary size total drops from 61920 to 46732, a whopping 15188-byte (24.5%) drop in size! See for yourself:
648     ../sh_utils/basename
7232    ../sh_utils/date
536     ../sh_utils/dirname
360     ../sh_utils/echo
212     ../sh_utils/false
536     ../sh_utils/printenv
1836    ../sh_utils/pwd
212     ../sh_utils/true
3788    ../sh_utils/which
1896    ../sh_utils/whoami
328     ../sh_utils/yes
1896    ../sh_utils/logname
7256    ../sh_utils/tr
8320    ../sh_utils/xargs
7900    ../sh_utils/mesg
16148   ../sh_utils/stty
2816    ../sh_utils/test
61920   total

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 46732 Feb 20 00:40 busyelks*

My preliminary binary isn't ready to be put to use yet; I still have that pesky 64K barrier that I will have to fight with eventually, and there are many more optimizations I haven't performed, but it's a start! Even if I can only unify the utilities by category, we can look forward to significant space savings from this effort. Once I've got the structure cleaned up a bit and some disparities merged together, I'll commit BusyELKS to Git. Stay tuned.

Jody Bruchon
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