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Re: [ELKS] Should we resume ELKS development?

On 2011-0510 14:44:19, Harley Laue wrote:
> jody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > I have taken the liberty of downloading as much ELKS-related code and
> > materials as possible, and I am prepared to set up a Git repository for
> > ELKS if enough interest in such a thing exists.
> Personally I did a git cvsimport almost two years ago (not much really
> came from that though), but an official Git repo for some of the
> current CVS trees would be even more ideal :)
> > Thanks in advance, and I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone once
> > more.
> > Jody Bruchon

hi here,
I'm an old-time contributor to parts of ELKS.  not the kernel, though.
Harley, when you say git, you don't mean github?  
(I like git and the 'fork' freedom it gives, and I like github).
I see this one on sourceforge:

as on github, one just needs an account to start a own fork.

sounds VERY useful, and as for "official", I would let practice show
which is the leading line.  a few years ago some old contributors also
tried to revive the project, but after some discussion somehow we all
dropped the idea.  maybe had to do with difficulty to get write access
to the repository, I can't remember.  had git existed at the time,
maybe things could have moved better.  let's see who is still around!
my PPC640 is still waiting (but diskettes have become rare)!  :)


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