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Re: Console output corruption

On 2010-0418 21:12:37, Kirn Gill wrote:
> Well guys, I still have commit access on the repos, so if anyone's got
> some patches... mail them to the list and I'll try to get them
> committed.

may I propose an alternative way?  I would suggest we use sourceforge
trackers, so we can track (that is it) the changes to the code back to
bug reports.  this works really nice, in particular if we commit code
always mentioning the tracker item we are resolving with the modification
we are committing.  also, before committing code changes, make sure there
is a tracker item to which you can refer, so really no changes are done
for no trackable reason.

in the projects to which I participate we do something similar and it's
quite reassuring, to see commits that are more than a couple of years
old and still being able to say why they were done!  this also sort of
obliges developers to "commit often, commit early".

committ access is nice, but to administer the project we need to be
able to release new versions and to grant write access to possible new
developers.  that is, we need administration rights.  if we already have
that (I don't and I would like to), no problem, otherwise I suggest we
ask the Sourceforge staff.

it looks nicer, to see that more than one person is committing new code...
now some code I wrote is not really trackable to me except than for the
signature on top of the files...


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