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Re: Has anyone gotten ELKS to run on an I80186 based system?

Excerped from http://tuxmobil.org/pda_linux_hp_lx200.html

"The HP 200LX is an IBM PC/XT with 80186 at 8/16MHz, 640x200 CGA LCD
screen, qwerty keyboard, numeric keypad, RS-232 port, PCMCIA Type II
v2.0 slot. It has MS-DOS 5.0 in ROM. All this is in tiny form factor:
16x9x2,5 cm and 18oz. Runs off 2xAA batteries. It was in production
between 1994-1999.

the PCMCIA and BIOS INT13 services necessary to boot MINIX on the
HP200LX Palmtop from a PCMCIA ATA Flash Disk. These services should be
equally useful for booting LINUX-86 (ELKS) on the HP200LX."

-- Juanjo

El sáb, 26-04-2008 a las 11:05 -0400, Gregg Levine escribió:
> Hello!
> I am looking to make use of the basic items that are part of an I80186
> based system here. (I for Intel, even though that firm made the bad
> decision to EOL and probably discontinue that line sometime ago.)
> I thought it would be appropriate to make use of ELKS for it as
> opposed to fabricating an RTOS for it from scratch. Granted this is
> asking a heck of a lot of the features found on one such device, but
> given the special nature of the I80186 and what ELKS is, it does make
> sense in a strange sort of way.

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