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Re: New user wanting to help

On 2007-1119 09:25:48, JBRUCHON wrote:
> I'm not a project admin, so I don't have privileges to add new 
> admins or developers, so don't ask.

from http://sourceforge.net/projects/elks:
project admins: alancox, alriddoch, harkal, megamanidx, miguelb, pnasrat.

maybe we should simply ask one of them, if anyone has the time to give
to anyone who volunteers the privileges necessary for setting up a
sourceforge wiki...

writing into it will not need special privileges, probably.

if really none of the current administrators is active any more, I know
there is a standard procedure within sourceforge for taking over an
orphaned project...  if administration amounts to handle this as a game,
just coordinating efforts and you don't expect from your administrator to
have deep technical knowledge and to be here 24/7, I might give it a try.


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