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Re: Regarding the Future of ELKS

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Royce Williams wrote:
> http://pcemu.sourceforge.net/

PCEMU is mine, kinda; it's moderately accurate (will run DOS and most apps),
but the thing that makes it really useful for me is that it's got a largely
undocumented built-in debugger of about the same level of functionality as
DEBUG.COM. I usually find it easier to use this for machine-code level
debugging than struggling with gdb and qemu.

I did try ELKS on it a while ago and it did run, although there were some
timing loop issues.

...incidentally, since then I have also been working on the Amsterdam Compiler
Kit suite of compilers, and recently did a release; it the latest 6.0 now
contains support for 8086, 80386 and 8080 code generators. It's also been
hugely cleaned up --- I could add support for ELKS executables more or less
trivially, if anyone wants it (and can point me at the spec); the only bit
that's the slightest bit tricky is the syscall library. It supports genuine
ANSI C, and also Pascal and Modula 2 (also Occam 1 and Basic, should anyone


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