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Re: Regarding the Future of ELKS

On Sat, May 05, 2007 at 02:10:55PM -0800, Royce Williams wrote:
> 3. Speed.  Compiling to test on an 8086 is maddeningly slow.
> Possible solution: For true 8086-only emulation, find a good free
> emulator, or contact someone who has a commercial one (emu8086.com,
> for example) and see if they'll cut us a break on a pack of license
> for core developers.

Or port ELKS to Linux user space, like UML. This helps testing the system,
though does not help to test hardware drivers for example: anyway it can be
a useful task both to make ELKS portable and test ELKS as a "normal" process
runnable on Linux.

- Gábor
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