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Re: Regarding the Future of ELKS

On 2007-0505 14:58:51, Jody wrote:
> I can see many compelling reasons to drop ELKS entirely or
> shift it away from the 80(2)86-oriented platform [...]

> To those of you who are still subscribed to this list: what
> do you think should be done?  I look forward to hearing your
> answers!

hi Jody,
hi list,

I have done something in the past with ELKS, worked on ls and the init
procedure, I think...  

in the end, ELKS did not result 'usable' for me, all I wanted to use there
was an editor, but I did not manage to find nor port/compile anything.
I tried during a few weeks, then gave up.  without an editor, I would not
know what to do with a PC.  at the time I tried to use an old Amstrad
(V30 based, 8086 compatible), just for the fun of it, and also because
it had a very nice keyboard.  the system is still there, still working,
but still without an editor.

What other alternatives can I go?

- buy a better laptop, 386 based, and use linux?  minix?  freebsd?
- use dos...
- use an other operating system (which one?)
- port a minimal editor to ELKS...

but these are the alternatives to my problem, which is "running
something on an old 8086 that would allow me to edit text"...

I am sure that ELKS can be defined 'usable' in other ways, this is just
my own interpretation.

looking on the elks website, I miss something, or it's too late and I
can't find it.  it states why (create a linux-like kernel), but then this
is not the whole story, is it?  we do want to use the kernel.  maybe we
could use the sourceforge tracker to keep track of what has to be done.
in the website I would also put more and more explicit links to the
tracker, so that also the occasional browser WILL check it...


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