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Re: Porting to different architectures

Richard Wallman wrote:
> I've been working on getting it to work with GCC for 386+ processors,
> and it's not pretty. GCC support would make porting a lot easier, given
> the number of processor targets it supports.

Is anyone interested in hearing that I've nearly managed to get the ACK
(Minix' native compiler) into a usable state? It supports ANSI C, K&R C,
Pascal, Modula-2, Occam and Basic for a bunch of different
architectures, which include i80, i86 and i386. The code isn't as good
as what gcc produces, but it is a tiny fraction of the size, and it's
also BSD licensed.

I'm still working on the syscall libraries required for the ACK's own
built-in libc, but if you didn't want to use that, it's more or less
there now.

(It should also be reasonably easy to retarget --- compared to gcc, at
least. Does the 65C265 have a compiler?)

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