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New ELKS snapshot release

Greetings to all you ELKSers out there.

A new snapshot of the current ELKS development tree is now available at the usual place:


The release is dated 2006-05-15 and contains a batch of patches from the eternally busy Tom McCabe (thanks again!) that fix a lot of build problems. It's getting about time for the C gurus to hop back in and start actually hacking on the code, wouldn't you think?

If I knew C, I'd do it, but I don't, and I'm in the middle of planning a business venture, so I'm up to my ears in work at the moment. I've got just enough time to maintain these releases and tie up loose ends. Don't worry! ELKS will remain actively maintained no matter how busy I get, so keep patches and reports rolling in.

Happy hacking!

Jody Bruchon
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