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Here's my ModemData.txt

I don't need the whole set of AT commands, just the one who disable the carrier detecting, the full duplex audio transmission and the "stop receiving" code...

The first one is optional because if I wanna make a call, I can just record the number's tone and make a script to call them in the right order from the number... But it's a un-fency solution...

Il 24/04/2012 21:27, Marvin Stodolsky ha scritto:
Send to the List (not me), the ModemData.txt file output when you run

With respect to the AT commands, many drivers under Linux do not have
the full AT set implemented.


On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 2:45 PM, Spazzatura.Live<kharhonte@xxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Since now it had not any die, however I built it as module and run
scanModem. Should i put the output here?
"Carrier check = no", where should I put it? The only configuration file I
have (apart from udev's...) is from slmodem daemon (/etc/conf.d/slmodem).

Thanks a lot for your time!

Il 24/04/2012 16:07, Marvin Stodolsky ha scritto:

get scanModem  and run, to output instructions.
snd-intel8xom driver should be a module, as unloading and reloading is
necessary, when the loaded driver dies occasionally.
Carrier check = no
Is necessary in some config file.

More later, now on cellphone.

On Apr 24, 2012 8:44 AM, "Spazzatura.Live"<kharhonte@xxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:kharhonte@xxxxxxxxxxx>>  wrote:

    Hi everyone!

    I'm trying to make my modem work as phone but I found a lot of issue:

    I don't know the AT command to stop AT+VRX.

    Don't know how to do full duplex:
    (if i use AT+VTX+VRX it let me just send, AT+VRX+VTX just receive)

    Need a full AT command list but really don't know where to find it
    after hours and hours of research...

    When i try to call someone:
    ATD<NUMBER>;\r (or ATD<NUMBER>\r)
    It starts calling, but if i give ANY command it tells me: "NO
    CARRIER" and stop calling... I don't know how to disable carrier
    detection and ATS10=255 doesn't work. (Even some other commands i
    tried [AT&C0/1] etc...)

    I'm really going mad!

    These are my informations:

       00:1f.6 Modem: Intel Corporation 82801BA/BAM AC'97 Modem
    Controller (rev 05)

    Product data:

    Chip=SmartLink SmartRISER561 ACR,AMR,CNR,MDC,Mini-PCI V.92 Soft ?
    (Maybe) ?

    Driver (that seems to fit):
       slmodem - (8086:2446)
       INTEL AC-Link Controller (ICH) - Linuxant HSF softmodem - (8086:2446)\VEN_8086%26DEV_2446#results


    ATI ->  SmartLink Soft Modem
    ATI1 ->  SmartLink Soft Modem, 2.9.11<cr>Smart Link Ltd.
    ATI2 ->  Like ATI1
    ATI3 ->  modem:1<cr>alsa modem driver

    Kernel driver=snd_intel8x0m (builtin)

       Installed through customizing ebuild from with latest version
    package and removing PCI_LEGACY check.

       Gentoo AMD64 up-to-date

    Thanks for help.


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