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scanModem reports that you have a modem supported by hsf/hcfpcimodem
drivers by Linuxant

Predictive  diagnostics for card in bus 00:0a.0:
	Modem chipset  detected on
NAME="Communication controller: Conexant Systems, Inc. CX06834-11 HCF
V.92 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp Modem "

 For candidate modem in:  00:0a.0
   0780 Communication controller: Conexant Systems, Inc. CX06834-11
HCF V.92 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp Modem
      Primary device ID:  14f1:10b6
 Support type needed or chipset:	hcfpcimodem

For owners of a Dell PCs with Conexant HSF modems, a driver source
package with full speed enabled is available, but requires driver
compiling. Read DOCs/Conexant.txt

 The modem requires a hcflinmodem package.

Modem support packages from Linuxant include resources for compiling drivers.
If an installer package matching your kernel_version  is not provided,
just install a generic code package.

 Under Linux unpack with:
 $ unzip hcfpcimodem*.zip
 Then install with:
 $ sudo dpkg -i hcfpcimodem*.deb
 Subsequently, the modem should be found with
 $ sudo wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf
 Edit in your personal information with:
 $ sudo gedit /etc/wvdial.conf
 and try dialing out with:
 $ sudo wvdial.
 See DOCs/Testing.txt  for details.

 The directions following below need only be pursued, if the above
procedures are not adequate.
 Read DOCs/Conexant.txt

You will need to download the generic source package and compile
against your running kernel, Linuxant no longer produces drivers for
each version that Ubuntu releases.

Install instructions:

accept license agreement:

and you can use their installer:

or optionally you may use the generic package:

and follow the instructions

Unzip the file

If you have obtained the driver package in DEBIAN format:

1. install the package with "dpkg -i
hcfpcimodem_{version}_{arch}.deb", ("dpkg -i
hcfusbmodem_{version}_{arch}.deb" for the USB version) if apt-get or
some other tool hasn't already done it for you.

2. if necessary, run "hcfpciconfig" ("hcfusbconfig" for the USB
version) to complete the installation, enter license information, or
to change your modem's configuration.

If you need to rebuild the Debian generic package from source, you can
get the TAR package, and from the top directory run: "make debdist". A
pre-compiled DEB package for the currently running kernel can be built
using "make debprecomp" instead.

as given here:

Read DOCs/Conexant.txt for more information in case it is needed.



On Tue, Jul 19, 2011 at 11:32 PM, Scott Andrechek
<scottandrechek@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks in advance.

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