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Re: Bero goes bye bye

On Thursday 26 September 2002 22:47, Thomas Dodd wrote:
> And why won't mozilla work?

Broken website

> Are you faking the UA in Konq?
I haven't tried yet, but I did find the feature.
> Why not do the same with Mozilla (http://uabar.mozdev.org)

Because, while I've been through its settings many times, I don't recall 
seeing such a feature.

Besides that, there's a government website important to me, and K is the only 
browser of the three able to handle it correctly.

> or Galeon? Works fo the brain damaged sites I need
> to access (like stock broker sites)

Not sure I've tried it on the bank, but having seen the Javascript I reckon it 
won't work.

Didn't handle the government site at all. Same problem as M; not surprising 
considering the common code.




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