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Re: Gnome Desktop Only

I agree that KDE should be dropped, while keeping all the necessary 
libraries for running KDE applications.

What refers to new icons, I like them better than GNOME or KDE icons.

There are some important features that have to be ported over to GNOME 
before dropping KDE.

One of them is the possibility of seamlessly accessing files via sftp 
protocol by using sftp:// type of URLs.

>From: "Epps, Aaron M." <Epps.Aaron@mayo.edu>
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>Subject: Gnome Desktop Only
>Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 15:44:34 -0500
>	I've got the agree with the one Desktop approach.  I mean, just think 
>about how much development time and energy Red Hat has wasted on KDE.  No 
>offense to the KDE lovers out there, but come on, rarely do you ever see 
>anyone running RedHat Linux with the KDE Desktop.  As stated before, if 
>someone prefers KDE chances are that they're going to be using Mandrake of 
>SuSE.  I just think that the developer's time would be better spent working 
>on Gnome's new set of Configuration Tools, etc...  Not to mention they 
>could get rid of those ridiculously cartoonish new icons.  Does Red Hat 
>really have such a large KDE user base that they run the risk of losing 
>loyal Gnome users by redesigning the Desktops to look & function 
>similiarly?  I think it's more important for Red Hat to conform to the New 
>Gnome 2 User Interface standards.   In short, drop KDE, don't risk losing 
>your Gnome users for the sake of KDE, focus on what you're good at, Gnome, 
>and conform to the Gnome 2 UI Standards.   N!
>ow, I don't want to start another rant about the new look, I just used this 
>example to illustrate a point.  I'm curious to hear what some of the GNOME 
>Developers @ Red Hat have to say about this.
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