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Re: UI design [was Owen Taylor's paper]

Justin Moore wrote:

>    If you automatically block them, how do you even know what they have
> to say?  How do you know whether or not they're important?  And what a

Because by their nature, pop-up adds are unimportant.
Kind of like the ad cards in the mail, thay you never read
anymore, you just throw them away while griping about getting
a mailbox full of junk.

> off by putting a "No" box where the "Yes" box usually is and aid them in
> "No"t saving all the changes they just made to their research paper.

Since you have saved the document often as you worked, you wouldn't
loose much. And You should have saved befor exiting. The dialog is
a helper, but you should not rely on the "save on close". It's
only there in case you forgot. I seldom see one. Either I forgot
to save, which occasionaly happens and I'm glad the dialog is there,
or I decided to start over. I know when I don't want the doc, and
expect the dialog then. If I do want the doc, I *don't* expect a
dialog, and read it to see what happened.

>    Someone clicking through a dialog box without thinking is like
> pulling a rolling stop at a Stop sign.  We all know we should stop and
> look and double-check to see what's going on, but in reality we just
> slow down, give it a quick glance and keep going.  That's human nature,
> and inconsistent dialog boxes are just going to piss people off.

Eventually the rolling stop will get you a ticket, or worse, cause an
wreck. Same with the dialogs. Eventually you do something dumb, or
worse, loose important data or work. Both are caused by inattention.

> The goal: Get 1 million dollars
> Today:    You see a $20 bill sitting on the floor.
> Question: Do you pick it up?  According to you, you wait until you find
> a check for the full amount sitting on the ground in front of you.

Poor analogy. More like:

You see a $20 bill on the floor, and a $100 bill on the floor,
bothe a few yards away. Which do you pick up, know you probably cannot
get to both?


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