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smpeg shipped with null is foobared


After an afternoon messing around with compiling a lot of SDL related
programs, I kept having problems with any app that links against
SDL_mixer failing to build with sound support.

ie (ltris):
checking for SDL - version >= 1.1.5... yes
checking for main in -lSDL_mixer... no
SDL_Mixer NOT found: Audio disabled

The programs find sdl-config and all the other SDL libs perfectly, after
some investigation, I ended up installing the smpeg version that came
with RedHat 7.3 and recompiling SDL_mixer from NUll to link against this

Doing this does not effect any apps that are installed in null or any
third party apps) that reply on smpeg or SDL_mixer at all.
I ldd'd every single executable and *.so file that come with the
packages that require smpeg or SDL_mixer.

I will be entering a bug report regarding this later.


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to steal from many is research.

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