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Re: package updates or release candidate?

On Thu, 19 Sep 2002, Elton Woo wrote:

>         There are still a lot of bugs that seem to be still open. 
 Some will have been fixed in later internal packages. Some will be fixed
by updates after the release. Also, if you look at the open bugs you will
see they also include requests for features that clearly won't make it to
8.0, bugs that have already been fixed but are being rediscovered by new
people installing (null) for the first time, and I even spotted a "(null)" 
bug that was about rpm 4.1 on Solaris 8. 

> When I run up2date,
> I get the standard message about the server being too busy.
 This is probably because a lot of people running 7.x have rediscovered
RHN following the appearence of the slapper worm earlier this week. But
there isn't anything new to get.

> Rawhide 
> doesn't eeem to
> have anything of recent date (i.e. within the last week).
It has been frozen, since the beginning of September, probably pending the
release of 8.0.

>         Would it be asking prematurely if there will be more updates 
> *or* a relelase candidate?
 Unlikely, my guess is there will be a full release on 30th September, or
in the first couple of weeks of October.

	Michael Young

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