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Re: Problem with XFree86/3d acceleration

On 14 Sep 2002, Louis Garcia wrote:

>Date: 14 Sep 2002 22:51:41 -0400
>From: Louis Garcia <louisg00@bellsouth.net>
>To: limbo-list@redhat.com
>Content-Type: text/plain
>List-Id: Discussion of the Red Hat Linux 'Limbo' beta
>    <limbo-list.redhat.com>
>Subject: Re: Problem with XFree86/3d acceleration
>Would this fix bug 73479? You know when rawhide will start syncing

No, there's another Radeon fix for that bug that is being worked 
on currently however.  I'll update the report when the status 
changes, and we can update rawhide with packages for testing.


>On Sat, 2002-09-14 at 22:38, Mike A. Harris wrote:
>> On 10 Sep 2002, Tom Cross wrote:
>> >Date: 10 Sep 2002 15:18:45 -0500
>> >From: Tom Cross <tomc@cloudnet.com>
>> >To: limbo-list@redhat.com
>> >Content-Type: text/plain
>> >List-Id: Discussion of the Red Hat Linux 'Limbo' beta
>> >    <limbo-list.redhat.com>
>> >Subject: Re: Problem with XFree86/3d acceleration
>> >
>> >On Tue, 2002-09-10 at 11:29, Michael Knepher wrote:
>> >> I've been running null on an Athlon XP 1800+ system with a slowly fading
>> >> Voodoo3 card. Yesterday I picked up an ATI All-in-Wonder 7500 to replace
>> >> the V3. Kudzu detected the card, and when the system kicked into
>> >> runlevel 3, I ran redhat-config-xfree86 --reconfigure. I picked new
>> >> settings, and decided to turn on 3d hardware acceleration. I started X,
>> >> and decided to see how well the acceleration worked. The only things I
>> >> knew of that might use 3d were some of the GL screensavers, so I opened
>> >> the screensaver panel and clicked on the Atlantis module. The system
>> >> locked up hard, and I had to hit the reset button. 
>> >
>> >We have the same problem here with RH 7.2 & RH 7.3 and some of the GL
>> >screensavers.  The system locks up X.  I can telnet into people's
>> >workstations to reboot them, but it's too late.  People are mad.
>> >
>> >Anyway, turns out some GL screensavers are fatal to X with certain video
>> >cards.  I just end up disabling all GL screensavers.
>> >
>> >I haven't tested this with null yet to see if I still have the same
>> >problem.  :-(
>> A long standing bug in the generic code of the DRM (kernel module 
>> side of DRI) left a race condition in which a 3D client could 
>> potentially lock up the X server.  Games typically did/do not 
>> operate in a fashion that is likely to trigger this, however the 
>> screensavers do.
>> The current rawhide kernel contains a DRM locking bug fix which 
>> is believed to solve these types of problems on all DRI supported 
>> hardware.

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