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Re: how to do install with kernel mem=40MB noprobe ?

Actually I do have 64 mb with 16 mb shared as video.  So I knocked it 
down to 40MB just to be safe.  Works in 7.3 with mem=32.  However I will 
find more ram and try again.

thanks for info

Elton Woo wrote:
> Larry Johnson wrote:
>> I needed this with rh7.3 and 7.2.   Limbo crashes during install.  I 
>> think because I can't pass it this startup parameter.  I would prefer 
>> if it figure the problem out.  turbo linux 6 se didn't have a problem. 
>> Suse 7.2 does.
>> sorry if i am posting incorrectly...
>> lhcj
>        ...unless I'm mistaken, I'm sure that it was mentioned on this 
> list that
> ((mull)) requires 64 Mb _minimum_.
>            Elton   ;-)

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