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Re: News gateway for this list?

On Sun, 8 Sep 2002 18:26:24 +0800, John wrote:

> > Each day, Yahoo fills the "Bulk"
> > folder
> I've found Y gives me very little junk mail. I had to agree in order
> to configure POP access, but I neglected to specify any interests.

You misunderstood me here. "Bulk" is Yahoo's folder NOT for own
advertisements, but for their "Spamtrap" system (pretty lame IMO)
which pre-filters incoming mail and sorts bulk e-mailings into that
special folder (which is emptied periodically).

> I suppose If I had to choose interests, I'd select a few that I
> thought uncommon and which wouldn't really interest me all that much.

No subscriptions chosen at all here. POP3- and SMTP-access at
Yahoo.com cost $29.99 USD a year. I wouldn't pay that for such a
feature-poor mail account and an address which I couldn't change (as
I wrote, I consider it lost :).

But we're highly off-topic and should end this thread.


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