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su - instead of su (WAS: Re: Up2Date / RPM error)

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From: "tom" <aovt15@dsl.pipex.com>
To: <limbo-list@redhat.com>
Sent: Saturday, September 07, 2002 8:30 AM
Subject: Re: Up2Date / RPM error

> Ooops! I was trying to keep this problem secret as it seemed stupid to
> complain about the shell path variable not including /sbin and /usr/sbin,
> I am still trying to figure how to change the env since the rc is global
> makes no mention of paths.

Unless you were doing something on purpose, when you login as normal user,
and want to change to root, do it as "su -" (yes, notice the hyphen after
su) and not just "su".  That way you get root's environment/paths and no
longer need to issue full path commands.


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