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Re: News gateway for this list?

On Sat, 7 Sep 2002 11:50:23 +0800, John wrote:

> On Friday 06 September 2002 22:10, Michael Schwendt wrote:
> > SPAM/UCE is a real problem with mail accounts where you don't
> > control the mail server and hence cannot install anti-SPAM software.
> Create a free Yahoo account. You might not get one at yahoo.com, but
> you can in some of its other domains.
> Set it so you can POP your email with fetchmail.
> Create a filter to drop all mail not sourced from redhat.com.
> I actually haven't spam-proofed my V address. Yet.
> Don't tell anyone though;-)

Pretty drastic method just to escape SPAM. But Yahoo's filter is too
limited, because it can only move mail into a "Trash" folder which
accounts to the total quota.

The alternative is to download all e-mail prior to killing it with
mighty procmail or other tools. I do that with the rare SPAM at my
GMX address, too, of course.

My account that is flooded with SPAM is a free Yahoo!GeoCities
account. It's several years old. Each day, Yahoo fills the "Bulk"
folder (where it stores messages caught by its own Spamtrap system)
with 12-20 mails of size 120-200 KiB. These alone would kill the
size limit soon if they were not removed regularly, but actually
when I click such a mail it is truncated to just the headers. To me
it looks as if each message contained a popular virus attachment and
Yahoo cut it off.

I consider that mail account "lost". I might let it exceed its quota
and activate a long automatic vacation response containing some
rants about SPAM and an alternative contact address/URL. ;)


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