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RE: Configuring metacity, TrueType fonts, Multiple Pointing devices

On Thu, 5 Sep 2002, Pavel Rozenboim wrote:

>Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 13:53:51 +0200
>From: Pavel Rozenboim <pavelr@coresma.com>
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>Subject: RE: Configuring metacity, TrueType fonts, Multiple Pointing devic es
>Talking about AbiWord - is there a reason for it to open help in the
>konqueror, even running on gnome session?

Again...  doesn't happen for me in OpenOffice....  ;o)

No idea, sorry..  I think abiword sucks royally myself.  After 
magicdev, autorun, autofs, and amd, the first thing I uninstall 
if it gets accidentally installed is abiword.

I'd add "rpm -e abiword" to the XFree86 %post install script if I 
thought I could get away with it.   ;o)

Mike A. Harris		ftp://people.redhat.com/mharris
OS Systems Engineer
XFree86 maintainer
Red Hat Inc.

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