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RE: Configuring metacity, TrueType fonts, Multiple Pointing devices

Title: RE: Configuring metacity, TrueType fonts, Multiple Pointing devices

Talking about AbiWord - is there a reason for it to open help in the konqueror, even running on gnome session?

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> From: Mike A. Harris [mailto:mharris@redhat.com]
> Sent: Thu, September 05, 2002 12:48 PM
> To: limbo-list@redhat.com
> Subject: Re: Configuring metacity, TrueType fonts, Multiple Pointing
> devices
> On 4 Sep 2002, Null User wrote:
> >o Recommended method of installing TrueType fonts?
> >     Is there a GUI utility?
> >     Should someone write one? (I probably could..)
> >     Is there a clean way to add the X FontPath to the
> XF86Config file (and
> >not have it be overwritten by a redhat-config-* utility? I'd
> like to be
> >able to mount a Windows partition and use
> /path/to/windows/Fonts in my
> >FontPath.
> Our beta uses Xft for fonts in GNOME and KDE.  Fonts are
> configured in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf now.  The font server is
> still available for legacy applications and apps not using Xft
> yet.  Fonts using the font server are configured as they've
> always been, by editing the xfs config file and adding the paths,
> or by using chkfontpath.
> Red Hat Linux config tools do not support configuring font paths
> in the config file, so if you add font paths there, they will be
> overwritten (unless Alex has added support for fontpaths in
> redhat-config-xfree86 and I'm unaware of it).
> >o Use more than one pointing device reliably?
> >     Is there a clean way to switch between /dev/psaux and
> /dev/input/mice?
> >Or a recommended way? I currently have to unplug, replug,
> logout, login
> >(repeat X times) in order to switch between the two. (I have
> a laptop,
> >and sometimes use the /dev/psaux mouse when I can't plug my USB mouse
> >in).
> No.  XFree86 does not allow dynamic hotplugging/removal of input
> devices.  Whatever devices you plan on using must be plugged in
> during X startup.  You can try invoking the server with
> "-allowMouseOpenFail" to see if it makes things better but I
> doubt it.  Until XFree86 has _true_ hotplug support added to it,
> this situation will not change.  In this release we have tried to
> make things better by autoconfiguring a spare USB mouse device. 
> This works well for many people aparently (personally untested
> since I don't use this functionality).
> >o Recommended way of making fonts in AbiWord look not so
> f**king ugly? I
> >could go hacking about within the filesystem and such, but I
> was hoping
> >there might be some clean way of doing it so that the
> redhat-config-* or
> >other redhat-specific things don't barf. I know there's no gnome2
> >AbiWord, but there has to be some way of correcting this. Printing is
> >fine - it's screen-rendering that looks disgusting.
> My suggestion is uninstall abiword and use OpenOffice instead...
> but that probably isn't what you want to hear.  ;o)
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