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Re: Evil genius idea? Was: nvidia for null.

On 4 Sep 2002, Jef Spaleta wrote:

> I'm not asking to hide the information...put it on the website....there
> is a hardware compatibility section already for this type of information
> on redhat's website...dont complicated the install with verbose
> information.  Yes people should be aware of the hardware issues...before
> they try to install the software or install new hardware...you shouldn't
> be finding out if hardware is unsupported while your installing the
> software or hardware.  I certainly check multiple online linux sources
> about the state of hardware support before I go purchase a
> product...First i check with redhat and see what they say....then i
> check other sources in the hopes of being able to get hardware support
> working on my own...and if I can't find a reasonable number of success
> stories...I'm not going to bother attempting to buy the hardware.  

I don't see how one screen displaying a list of hardware components with a 
[Ok] in green, [notice] in yellow or [warning] in red next to each 
complicates things unduly. If a user wants more information they click 
on the hardware component and a detailed status is displayed.  If they 
want to ignore this they can just click "next".  At the top of the screen 
it can say "Please check the Redhat errata page for updated hardware 
status, security fixes, bug fixes"

Users should not have to go research this.  I can hear it now: Yes sir I 
moved the oracle database over to RedHat 7.3 last week.  It would seem the 
scsi card we use is not one which is tested by RedHat.. well yes sir they 
RedHat included it.. well no the install didn't warn...... I don't know 
why they include..... They have a web page which.... yes sir I'll go 
install Win2000 right away.

Get the idea?  Redhat Linux is only as good as the hardware/drivers 
supporting it.  Redhat could easily avoid the situation above by heeding 
my advice, enterprise customers are not going to buy the "Well no we 
didn't write the driver someone in Turkey did.. well no we did not 
personally test this driver in our lab... no we didn't warn you during the 
install.. but we did ask you to go check on our web page before.....". 
Good luck selling that one to enterprises.

Let's get real.

Shane R. Stixrud        "Nothing would please me more than being able to 
shane@geeklords.org     hire ten programmers and deluge the hobby market 
                        with good software." -- Bill Gates 1976

                        We are still waiting ....

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