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Re: Disabling XRENDER?

On Tue, 2002-08-13 at 05:57, Michael Rothwell wrote:
> Owen Taylor wrote:
> > Not really quite what you are asking for, but try runnning
> > 'gdmflexiserver -n' - that will start a new login session in an
> > 'Xnest' server, and Xnest doesn't support the RENDER extension.
> You just jogged my memory. You may want to try XVnc (vncserver) as well. 
> It does not support XRender, and has the added advantage of allowing 
> remote connection and re-connection via any VNC client.

Are you sure about that?  A while ago I used XVNc successfully with
CodeWeavers Crossover Plugin, which uses XRENDER to render the Windows
Truetype fonts.  Crossover worked fine over XDMCP to a remote X server
that supported XRENDER, but choked and used 100% CPU to other X servers
that didn't support XRENDER.  So I think XVNc supports XRENDER.

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