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On Tue, 2012-03-27 at 18:16 +0200, Marco Gaiarin wrote:
> > You can use u32 on ingress to set fwmark - well you could once,
> > these docs are also quite old, but are in current iproute2 git.
> I know that. But i set marks using some advanced iptables feature, for
> example connmark_sip to match VoIP traffic, and i use also connmark
> save/connmark restore to prevent the re-marking of all the traffic.
Unless I've missed something, if you want to shape on ingress, you have
no choice but to mark each packet :(  Conntrack is not functional at
that point I believe.
> For that, i'm looking for a way to policy (for ingress, it will suffice
> to drop) traffic based on connmarks.
If you are only policing, I do not believe you need an IFB interface.
The policing policy will be set on the tc filter.  I think you will only
need IFB interfaces if you want to shape or want the same rules to apply
to multiple interfaces.
> 2) the marks that i set inside the ifb interfaces, will survive to the
>  outher one? this post:
>  say me no, and seems also reasonable.
I do recall having a problem with this.  I don't remember the details
but it may have been than any new connmarks from iptables overwrote the
mark given on the ingress filter.  I'm really not sure about that - John

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