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On 2012-01-19T17:16:09-0500, Matty Sarro <msarro@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We have georedundant servers in production, and due to the delay
> between them, we are encountering some errors with a database. Now, we
> are unable to replicate in our QA lab because everything is located in
> the same building. To resolve this, we want to use tc. Basically what
> I need to do is use tc to add a 15 ms delay on egress for anything
> within the destination subnet of the "georedundant" site. Likewise, we
> want to add an ingress delay for anything from the georedundant site.
> Now, I was planning to use HTB for this, however when I follow the
> manpage for htb it says that I *must* specify the rate for each of the
> child classes. The thing is, when I try to specify a rate of 1000mbps
> (the line speed) I get an error "HTB: quantum of class 10001 is big."

Sounds like you should use netem for this. Set up a Linux box as your
Ethernet bridge, and follow this documentation:

It's pretty simple to set up and works well.

Kenyon Ralph

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