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On Wed, 2011-05-04 at 13:06 -0500, Grant Taylor wrote:
> Seeing that now messages seem to be flowing in a timely manner, I'd 
> suggest that we give this list a week to a month probation to see if
> it has straightened up it's act.I'd also like a comment from the list
> maintainer or a moderator in his / her stead.

The argument against that it is well neigh impossible to move the list
if the lists dies again, and we all loose contact with each other.  We
can only move the list while we are a coordinated group, and the only
means we have of coordinating is this list.  Dying again soon seems
likely.  I don't know why the list burst into life this time around, but
it has happened several times before only to die again a short while

I like others think the list and its associated HOWTO is a pretty
important resource.  It would be nice to rescue it while we have the

> I'd also like a comment from the list maintainer or a moderator in
> his / her stead.

This person would be very handy if they pop up, but I would not be
waiting around for them.

The current problem we have is a social one.  We are a highly technical
group.  Just about of any of us could run a list server.  I imagine most
of us have the resources to do so.  So the problem isn't running the
server.  It is organising ourselves so the list is can be maintained
over decades as participants come and go.  Having one person in charge,
running a domain name owned by them or on hardware owned by them is not
a good way to go.

So Radu your offer to set up the list is great - but since it just
replicates the situation we are in now I don't think it or similar
offers are such a good idea.

A list on does seem like a workable solution.  Large a
third party provider such as google groups, yahoo groups, github,
sourceforge or savanaha may be an even better solution as they would be
just a reliable, and they provide a web page were we could collaborate
on for things like HOWTO's.  We would just have to organise among
ourselves governance of the list properly.

Normally I'd suggest we explore these other alternatives.  But we don't
know when the axe will fall again.  The chief attraction of seems to be we don't have to organise governance - we
just hand it over to davem and matti (vger's admins).  So there is no
mucking around with internal politics - one or more of us just ask them
to set set up the list.

So who is in favour of doing this ASAP - like within the next few week
or so?  If you respond to this email, we can use the archived responses
as proof to's admins there is sufficient interest to
make it there worth their while.

> However I think that this list (LARTC) is well known and documented all 
> over the place.  So even if we migrate elsewhere, there will still be 
> people that stumble on to this list.

Yes, but there is nothing we can do about that.  Stumbling over a dead
list is not useful, regardless of how easy it is to find.  A working
list what we need, and that should be our first priority.

If the person who owns lartc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx pops up then we can do
other things that ameliorate "stumble over this list" problem - things
like putting in email redirects, put notices on web pages and so on.
But such things are just icing on the cake.  We should not wait to see
whether we can do it.  Just move the list, and organise the icing later
if we can.

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