[ANNOUNCE] iproute2-2.6.24-rc7

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This is a preliminary release that includes all the changes for new
features in 2.6.24.  It should be backward compatible with older kernels.

Note: This release is for validation (don't put it in your distros), therefore
I didn't bother signing it.

Changelog since v2.6.23 release (edited).

Alexander Wirt (2):
      Fix various typos and nitpicks
      Add parameters to usage help text.

Andreas Barth (1):
      Remove bogus reference to tc-filters(8) from tc(8) manpage.

Andreas Henriksson (4):
      Fix corruption when using batch files with comments and broken lines.
      iproute2: support dotted-quad netmask notation.
      iproute2: revert syntax help text mistake.
      iproute2: add synonyms for ip rule options to ip(8) manpage.

Denys Fedoryshchenko (1):
      iptables compatiablity

François Delawarde (1):
      tc mask patch

Herbert Xu:
      Fix typo in tunnel code (o_key vs. i_key).
      Add NAT action

Jesper Dangaard Brouer (3):
      Overhead calculation is now done in the kernel.
      Cleanup: tc_calc_rtable().
      Change the rate table calc of transmit cost to use upper bound value.

Patrick McHardy (1):
      iproute 2.6.23 incompatibility

Pavel Emelyanov (1):
      iplink_parse() routine

Stephen Hemminger
      2.6.24-rc3 headers
      Fix off by one in nested attribute management.
      Fix dotted quad for bit order
      veth: use kernel header file
      snapshot target for makefile
      veth.h move to linux/
      Manual page fixes
      add decode of match rules
      Use netinet/tcp.h (with correction) rather than kernel headers
      add include/netinet/tcp.h
      Revert "TC action parsing bug fix"

Tomas Janousek (1):
      Correct documentation regarding PROMISC and ALLMULTI.

Vitaliy Gusev (2):
      Fix lost export-dynamic
      veth device link management

YOSHIFUJI Hideaki / 吉藤英明 (1):
      rto_min value display overflow

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