Re: bgp require in multigateway routing

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On 12/13/07, sonu chouhan <hi100nu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks a lot for your reply,
>  my isp doesn't support bgp, so i have a second chance to write a script for
> this,
>  but my question is, if i run a script which will detect dead route and then
> delete that route, all is fine but after deleting route how can i know that
> this route is working again and need to add it again. plz help me and if you
> have any script like this plz provide me.
>  thanks again
>  sonu....

I had posted a script on this list early this year. You can check out
the link and use the script.

You will have to modify it since this one is for two internet links
whereas you have three links. But I think it should be easy to do,
just the number of cases would increase. You will have to take care of
all possible scenarios (all 3 links active, any two links active and
any one link active) and set the default route for these 7 cases.

Manish Kathuria
Tux Technologies
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