Re: Best setup for redundant routers.

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Grant Taylor wrote:
This looks to be a general routing related question rather than a "Linux Advanced Routing and Traffic Control" (a.k.a. LARTC) question and thus may be better answered elsewhere.

On 12/06/07 10:43, Shane McKinley wrote:
I am setting up 2 Vyatta routers that will serve as redundant failover core routers out to the backbone of our ISP. They will be serving for routing between other branches and the ISP and bandwidth management.
Would be interesting to know how they perform.
Yes, an interior routing protocol would be good. Based on my limited experience I would recommend that you use either (preferably) OSPF or possibly Interior BGP (a.k.a. IBGP).
Either is good. For just 2 routers, most dynamic protocols work well. Older protocols failed in scaling to larger networks. AFAIR, OSPF support discovered route cost propogation which is useful in route selection/ load balancing/ECMP etc. Do not remember if IBGP does it. Has been a while and so a little rusty on finer details.
You could look at things like RIP or ISIS, but neither of them will be as good or bandwidth friendly as either OSPF or IBGP.
For just 2 routers, the decision is pretty simple - any. I'd go with OSPF or IBGP depending on comfort, skillset and support at locations needed.

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