how RED should work ?

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Hi , i am trying to understand how RED queue discipline works but i am
having a few troubles.

The parameters are MIN , MAX , LIMIT , BURST

I put LIMIT = 64Kb, so if i am not wrong it should PDROP anything over
this value , right ?
i put MIN  = 8Kb , so no drops at all below this value, right ?
i put MAX = 16Kb, starts to early drop anything above this using probability P.
I put probability at 0.5 [very high , just for test]
i PUT burst at 20 [actually , no idea what really put in here]

but after a while downloading at full speed i still get no drops at
all. Using 50% probability i should get at least 1 early drop shouldnt
i ?

qdisc red 3: limit 64Kb min 8Kb max 16Kb
 Sent 5023410 bytes 3817 pkts (dropped 0, overlimits 0)
  marked 0 early 0 pdrop 0 other 0


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